Downrigger Snubbers

Use on all downriggers

The Fish Thief Downrigger Snubber was developed to relieve the stress and shock to the downrigger and boat gunwales in heavy seas and allow a cushioned ride for the weight.   These snubbers are a must with today's high speed downriggers. 


Easy to use with all speed and temp probes

Unlike most downrigger snubbers on the market, the Fish Thief Downrigger Snubber is specially designed with a 2/0 Coastlock Snap Swivel on both ends to accomodate the use of speed and temperature probes.  Simply place the snubber between the probe and the weight.  For use without a probe, install under your favorite release and then terminate to the weight. 

Manufacturers Recommendations

Directions for downrigger snubber use:  Place snubber between end termination on cable and downrigger weight.  If using with speed and temp probe, place snubber below probe in place of break away device.  DO NOT place snubber above probe.

Fish Thief Downrigger Snubbers can be used with all downrigger weights up to and including 16 pounds.  We do not recommend using on weights over 16 pounds.

Although our black snubbers are more UV resistant, due to the extreme amount of UV rays on and near the water, we recommend replacing all snubbers on an annual basis.